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Magdala (Migdal) - Tripadvisor

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Questions fréquentes sur Magdala

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Inspiring place to pray and test. Amazing acheology.
Rédigé le 24 novembre 2019
Rédigé le 6 décembre 2019

Greetings, Is the guest house open for bookings yet? If so, is it possible to book for a Christmas/New year retreat at the guesthouse? Thanks for your help, Blessings, Julienne London
Rédigé le 26 juillet 2019
It’s opening on Nov 24, 2019 !!! Queridos amigos: este domingo 24 será la inauguración de la casa de peregrinos de Magdala. Bendito sea Dios. Gracias a todos ustedes por su apoyo y oraciones. Pueden seguirlo en vivo. Dear friends, this upcoming Nov. 24 we will be inaugurating the Magdala guesthouse. Thanks be to God. Thank you for your constant support and prayers. You can follow the inauguration live from our website
Rédigé le 18 novembre 2019

Добрый день! Я экскурсовод в Израиле. Мои туристы из России спрашивают как можно попасть на радоновые источники в Магдалу?
Rédigé le 30 septembre 2018

Is there a tickets or do we pay money ?
Rédigé le 19 juillet 2018

Is the Guesthouse on the grounds completed yet?
Rédigé le 6 juin 2018
No, they're in process, but it looks like it will be a while before they are completed.
Rédigé le 7 juin 2018

Are walking/teaching tour guides available through the Visitor's center?
Rédigé le 26 janvier 2018
Yes they are and the two guides we used were informative and helpful. There is a ton of archeological and historical information related to the area. The chapel and encounter the deep room are marvelous places for prayer and meditation. Extraordinary really. While built by the Catholic Church, it is not a Catholic facility and open to all believers.
Rédigé le 28 janvier 2018

Is it easy to drive here from Tel Aviv, and do you have to do a tour or can you come on your own?
Rédigé le 24 octobre 2017
Hello Daina, Many thanks for writing. The best way to get to Magdala is driving by road 6 and following the highway to Tiberias. We are 7km north Tiberias, in the modern town of Migdal. About the tours, you may find a volunteer available in english otherwise you can tour around the site by your own. Looking forward to welcome you. Magdala social media team
Rédigé le 25 octobre 2017

האם יש מחיר כניסה לאתר ?
Rédigé le 27 mars 2017
Hello! Yes, we do have an entrance fee of 15 NIS p/p Sorry for the late response, we just got the alert of message. I hope you had enjoyed. Greetings,
Rédigé le 21 juin 2017

Thank you, Mrs Giesbrecht for an amazing review on the site. Follow us on facebook as well as Experience Magdala.
Rédigé le 6 avril 2016

Dear GrumpyPug, Thank you so much for your amazing review. If you could improve anything at the site, what would be?
Rédigé le 6 avril 2016
Thank you very much. I apologized you couldn´t go into the Chapel. Even there is service happening, you are welcome to visit in silence. About the construction, God willing we will finish next year. Another reason for you to come back. If you would like to get any news or updates about the site, you can follow us on facebook as Magdala - landmark. Have a lovely day, Mariana
Rédigé le 23 août 2016

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