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Hotel Le Grand Chalet Questions et réponses

Scranton, Pennsylvanie

We need your advice, we are first time travelers to Switzerland from the US

Travel date early September

Compare to : Hotels in the North East US: Marriott or Hyatt or Hilton or Ritz Carlton or The Plaza

Criteria: value, large plush room, comfort beds for tall people, balconies, great lobby, great bar and or restaurant:

- Hotel Arc-en-ciel

- Hotel Le Grand Chalet

- Gstaaderhof Swiss Quality

- Le Grand Belleve

Please provide any Travel tips:

    -what to bring,

    -how to get from Geneva airport to Gstaad

    -what ( non tourist ) sites are best to see

        - great restaurants for food and atmosphere and ambiance?

We really appreciate your comments and it will help!

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