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Nhân viên Nhasilk đang gói khăn lụa - Photo de Nhasilk, Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville

Photo de  : Nhân viên Nhasilk đang gói khăn lụa

De l'avis : Nhasilk sur Nhasilk
Nhân viên Nhasilk đang gói khăn lụa
The silk scarf with Hoi An Ancient Town motif
The main motif of the scarf is Hoi An Ancient Town with simple and peaceful beauty captivating people. Over time, Hoi An became more and more beautiful and was called the "Venice of Vietnam" and a World Cultural Heritage site. This place is still intact with the ancient breath of the port town hundreds of years ago...
The silk scarf with Hoi An Ancient Town motif
St. Nicholas Bari Church (Chicken Church) is a famous religious place, located in the center of Dalat city. It is constructed in 1931 and took 11 years to complete. St. Nicola Bari Church is considered as one of the most typical and ancient buildings built by the French with the beauty of medieval European architecture...
Nowadays, Cyclo no longer plays a role as a popular transportation but it has a very special meaning. It is a typical cultural which connects Vietnam in the past and now. Moreover, Cyclo is also a companion with the Vietnamese people, experiencing ups and downs in the national liberation. Cyclo also is a witness to the change of social life over time. The Cyclo silk scarf not only brings a harmonious blend of light and dark colors but also a mix of Vietnamese and European culture....
In the 18th century, the first Cyclo was officially appeared in Vietnam by the invention of a Frenchman named Coupeaud. It became popular for the upper class, nobility at that time instead of hammocks, rickshaws, horses ... Not only that, Cyclo is a companion, attached to the Vietnamese experiencing ups and downs in the fighting for national liberation: Cyclo carrying ammunition, food supplies, etc. Nowadays, Cyclo no longer plays a role as a popular transport but Cyclo has a special meaning....

Scarf motifs are inspired by the classic and noble Baroque art of the aristocracy, the royal family with free lines, colors and full of emotions. In particular,  one must mention the crown motif when thinking to the "Kingship" - the power of dominance, authority, and beauty. Immediately reminds us of kings, queens, and royalty. The perfect combination of Baroque Art and crown motifs is a miniature picture for the flashy, luxurious, full meaning of power and strength.
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