Cleveland to South East Asia (flights)

Hi everyone,

I will be moving to Cleveland for my studies this August.

For the Christmas break, I wanted to fly to South East Asia to visit family. More specifically Singapore, but I saw that flights from Cleveland to Singapore include 2 layovers and are very pricy.

From Chicago to Singapore it is a bit cheaper, with only one layover. But the distance between Cleveland and Chicago is quite long and I don't have a car. Therefore, I would need to take the train to the coach station, then a 7h coach to Chicago and the train to the airport. All that to end up in a 25-26hours flight with a layover in Middle East... Sounds hectic and exhausting.

Does anyone from Cleveland knows a low cost company, or a company offering fast/direct flights to anywhere in South East Asia ?

My intention once in Singapore was to travel around South East Asia anyway (5 days in Thailand, 5 days in Bali), and flights within South East Asia are very cheap. Therefore I thought about taking a return flight to somewhere, let's say Bangkok, stay 4-5 days there then flight to Singapore, and fly back to Bangkok for the return.

Anyway, any useful contribution is most welcome!

Thank you!